Welcome to American Politico! Glad to have you here with me. I am working on a place where people can go to get news, political information, some humor, and above all else different perspectives. When it comes to political and most news there is more than one perspective. In the current main stream media there seems to be a push for a certain narrative and it can be single sided and not always about the truth. Most of the media outlets are looking for First and not Accurate.

This being a new project there will be more things to come and change. I am hoping that I can collaborate with some of the other creators that I post on here and in social media. The creators featured here are a prime example of a different perspective as well as trying to be right versus first. A simple objective that most media outlets seem to have forgotten.

I would say to check out my TimeLine page of objectives that I am hoping to achieve. As I am currently a 1 man show here, there may be some delays as well as some changes, but I will be upfront as much as I can about the progress.

Author Insight

I am not an English major, a special word smith, or especially savvy with a write skill. I do have a desire to do things differently and to bring that out to as many people as I can that enjoy the information. I do care about being correct and will not try to be first. I may post something about the issue, but anything to follow that will be more about the truth on the subject. Above all of this, there is not much to tell. I hope you enjoy!